I have been reading the book called “The Grave Robber” by Mark Batterson, and we have been using it in our young adults class on Wednesday nights. One of the stories in this book was shared from John 2 were Jesus turns water into wine. This story was of Jesus’ first miracle. Wonderful story and great insight shared from the reading of the book, but something in this story stood out to me that I wanted to share.

In the miracle story of Jesus turning the water into wine, obviously some amazing things had to take place that were supernatural. As we read this story there was something very natural that jumped off the page for me. Mary the mother of Jesus came to him and let him know there was no more wine, and in their discussion Jesus had his response and Mary makes this statement to the servants at the wedding.

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

– John 2:5

There it is, the moment and phrase that jumps off in this story to me, “Do whatever he tells you.” Is this not the most difficult that most followers of Christ deal with, doing what he asks? Isn’t this the thing that most often finds us short on what the miracle side of things? Isn’t this what finds us most of the time missing destiny moments, divine appointments, growth, blessing, increase, etc., etc.,? This very simple but most of the time quite difficult principal, doing whatever he tells us, is the key to seeing him display his power in our lives. What if the servants would of ignored Mary, chalked it up as a mom who thinks her son is all that and didn’t listen? Would the miracle of the water turning into wine still be what we read today? Maybe it would have been more like the moment we read in scripture were Jesus couldn’t do anymore miracles in his own hometown due to lack of faith, and maybe lack of doing what he said. (Matthew 13:53-58)

So here is the take away, doing whatever he says releases him to do whatever he needs to do. Whatever he needs to do is most often what you can’t do yourself. Jesus is the one who has the power to preform the miracle and moment we need in our life, sometimes we unlock that by simply being obeying what he asks of us. What is the moment in you life right now that requires a, “Do whatever he tells you” response?

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