Have you ever bought something that in theory looked great but in reality,
not so much? I recently purchased an inflatable octopus sprinkler for my
kids. It looked great on the box; it had pictures of kids playing on it,
with the parents looking on fondly so I purchased it. I got it out of the
box and realized I didn’t have an air compressor with me. That did not stop
this determined dad. I was not about to deny joy to my three children. I
huffed and I puffed and after two blackouts later I finally inflated the
octopus. The kids bring it outside screaming ecstatically. I casually
stroll behind with a swagger of pride. We turn it on and everything I hoped
for was squashed. The sprinkler top sprayed crooked, the hook-up was
leaking and wasn’t get enough pressure. Within ten minutes the kids were
over it and so was dad. As I was deflating the octopus I couldn’t help but
be disappointed. All this wasted air I put into this toy and then the Lord
spoke to me. He said, “I wonder how much air (words) are wasted coming from
peoples’ mouths? It sounds good in theory, but realistically it is a
disaster.” Now for all you skeptics, this is not the lack of oxygen
talking. The more in-sync you are with God you will realize he can speak to
you through anything. The Bible says that sin is unavoidable when there is
much talk, but whoever seals his lips is wise (Proverbs 10:19 GWT). You
might think, in theory, that what you are saying is good, helpful, or valid
but realistically, if it is not used to glorify God or build someone else
up then, it is useless, just like the hot air coming out of the inflatable.
Jesus said that the mouth speaks what the heart is full of (Luke 6:45). Are
you full of hot air? Or does your words soothe and bring refreshment to
others. Before you speak, make Psalm 19:14 your prayer, “May these words of
my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord,
my Rock and my Redeemer.”

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