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I had the opportunity to share the message here on the main campus yesterday, as part of our series this summer titled “Get Smart”, we preached about this idea “Giving…and Loving it”. This message for me was a great opportunity to share about living the life of a giver and living with the spirit of generosity. In my message I brought out some ideas about a giver, these are the ideas; a giver gives to the poor and needy, a giver lives a selfless lifestyle, a giver sparks generosity in others, a giver sows generationally. Each one of these ideas we need to think about and process internally and ask ourselves how are we handling them? So do your best to process the idea of living a life of a giver, and allow Christ to be the driving force behind all that you do. Generosity through love can break through obstacles in the world and overcome many barriers that we might face, as we move into knowing Christ more He challenges in many ways to become more generous. I love that generosity and giving isn’t always about money, but more about the heart than anything else. Even the issue with money is about the heart, and let me add IT ALL STARTS WITH THE HEART!!! So in your journey of faith allow generosity to come alive in you, allow your heart to be set forth towards honoring Christ and watch what happens, Christ working through you in the spirit of generosity can achieve many things.

Proverbs 18:16 (NIV) A gift opens the way
and ushers the giver into the presence of the great

Pastor Dave

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